Kristi Grussendorf - Fashion Statement

Watercolor painting by Kristi Grussendorf.

Artist Statement: "Fashion Statement” has received some strong reactions. A fellow member of my Utah Watercolor Society accused me of “fat shaming!” I had intended to make a statement about fashion (as the title implies) and juxtapose two different “realities” but am somewhat gratified that the painting has taken on a life of its own. Although, I have no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings, the intensity of the reaction suggests that the painting is saying something. Sometimes, my role, as the artist, is to just get out of the way!
I don’t remember a time without art. My mother earned her degree in art & also taught so it was something that was valued & encouraged at home. I find tremendous fluidity between my teaching & learning roles.
Having started my career in oils, I’m currently committed to being a student of watercolor and am an active signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society where I can continue to celebrate & promote the medium.